Pythagoras in every episode

[5/13] White Lies

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Whoever heard of a hero called Jason?

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i know i don’t post too much here right now but i will be putting this blog on a hiatus until series 2 airs (which isnt too long i dont think!!!) when i will be back IN FULL FORCE 

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Filming season 2 in Morocco

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I have to kill Pasiphae.

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what r some good atlantis blogs i can follow?

I’m reblogging this instead of simply answering because it’s a little easier this way. :p

Anyway, if you’re not already, I’d definitely follow the official bbcatlantis tumblr, as well as atlantisbbca. Then for fan blogs, here’s a list of some good ones that only or often post Atlantis and that I could find easily (this is a sideblog and I follow over 600 blogs with my main, so it’s a little difficult to find all of the atlantis ones in that list):

fyeahbbcatlantis // fyeahatlantis // pythagoras-thetriangleguy // thats-vexing // aislinceivun // pythadorable // pythagoraslovesjason // piccadilly-panda // jagoraslove // lilypet // bbcatlantisconfessions // jagoras // jagoras-under-the-sea // pythagorasxjason

These are in no particular order and I’m sure I must have missed some, but I tried my best. They’re also not all very active, but idk, that might start up again when season two starts airing. Hope this helped a little!

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what r some good atlantis blogs i can follow?

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  #i was sjust thinking about this ep   #imagine if they kept the baby (idk its name i have rmr the max amount of long names from this show)   #because i loved how the group interacted when they were caring for the baby   #like hey here's a dude from the future and a kind of socially awkward guy who likes maths   #a loud boastful drunk and the Only Responsible Human in the city   #yeah let those guys look after a baby   #AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL   #AND I AM JUST SO VERY HERE FOR FOUND FAMILY AND THESE GUYS FINDING THEIR ROLES IN THAT WEIRD FAMILY TYPE THING   #BECAUSE NONE OF THEM REALLY /BELONG/ ANYWHERE AND THEY FOUND A BABY WHO WASNT SUPPOSED TO LIVE   #AND OF COURSE THEY TOOK IT IN OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DID   #BECAUSE THEY ALL KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE WITHOUT ANYONE   #AND THEY FOUND EACHOTHER AND FUCK YEAH THEY'RE GONNA TAKE IN THIS KID AND LOVE IT AND TRY THEIR BEST TO CARE FOR IT   #FUCK YEAH THEY R   #nothing NOTHING is more important in this show than how jason pythagoras hercules and medusa (and ariande if the writers would give her some   #TIME to fucking speak and relate to the group)   #finding eachother and becoming what each of them lacked   #a real family   #AND THATS WHY THE BABY WAS IMPORTANT not cause the myths and shit   #but cause it SHOWED US thats these little strange humans love eachother and they aint just together   #cause they owe eachother for saving eachothers lives and shit man THEY GENUINLEY CARE   #and WANT TO HELP PEOPLE   #I DONT KNOW   #woww did this make any sensee   #BUT DO U GET ME   #SO IMPORTANT YEAH